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Wednesday, 02 April 2008
  • CRAC: (Cosmic Ray Alpine Code), code for the galactic propagation of antiprotons.

  •  MicrOMEGAs:  Code for the dark matter relic density, originally in the context of supersymmetry, that has recently been extended to incorporate a generic model. It is also being developed for applications to direct and indirect detection.Webpage

  • Pythia_UED: a Pythia-based generator tool for Universal Extra-Dimension at the LHC. Webpage

  •  SDECAY, SUSY_HIT: Code that computes the decay of supersymmetric particles.Webpage

  •  SFitter: Code for the reconstruction of the fundamental parameters of supersymmetry from simulations or experimental measurements. Under development to include fits to other model of electroweak symmetry breaking .Webpage

  • SloopS: General code, under development, for one-loop calculations in susy with application to collider data, precise relic density predictions and indirect detection .Webpage

  • SusyBSG: a powerful code for b->s γ in supersymmetry.Webpage

  • SUSY_SCT: a SUSY spectrum comparison tool.Webpage

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